Compositional ideas:

- Ensemble pieces: for example for a string quartet or wind quintet and/or a work specifically for your ensemble.

- Piano pieces: for special occasions and/or for a special musician.

- Songs: for example to a special poem and/or text. For solo and/or choir performance.

- Composing for children: for example short piano pieces, solo or four hands, duets. For every conceivable occasion.

- Chazzanuth (Jewish synagogal music): on every Hebrew text.


Composition characteristics:

- Pleasant tonal or modal melodies and/or harmonies..

- The composed music can express subjects outside music, such as paintings/photographs.

- Depending on the musician's level, music at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.



- Your name will be on the score (dedicated to ...), incl. the title you require.

- You receive the score of the composition.

- You are free to share copies of the composition.

- Your composition may be performed anywhere, anytime.

- Sound recordings or videos of the composition may be shared on social media.