Composing piano and carillon pieces for own concerts. 

Composing music for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello for synagogal services. 

Composing music for educational purposes. 

Weekly recitals at the carillon of the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Recitals at the carillon of the Markttoren in Spakenburg

Recitals at the carillon of Plein 40-45 in Amsterdam

Recitals at the carillon of the Parkbeiaard in Nieuwegein. 

Education projects carillon. 

Summer concerts in Europe and America

Weekly piano teaching at the music school of Amersfoort. 

Weekly carillon teaching at Beiaard Centrum Nederland, 

Piano accompaniment services Liberaal Joodse Gemeente Amsterdam. 

Piano accompaniment and composition, services Beit ha Chidush Amsterdam.